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Why Do We Run?

Why do we run

As I approach that first 100 metres I always ask myself the same question… why!

My knees are telling me for god sake stop! we are hurting here you crazy bastard. I try not to listen and keep going, as that 26 year old inside my head says keep going they will stop whining soon and those painkillers you took about 10 minutes ago will kick in and you won’t feel the pain. Then that other voice inside my head says “what fu**ing painkillers we didn’t take any remember. It turns into a constant battle for the first 3 miles, the voices inside my head fighting it out. You’ve got nothing to prove, STOP! WALK!… NO KEEP GOING YOU CAN DO THIS. There’s a hill coming up, quick think of a challenge in your life, use the hill as a metaphor for beating that challenge, achieving that goal reaching the top. Remember reaching the top of a hill means there is always a great ride down the other side.

Feeding the Dolphins

When I was suffering with depression I found that running and physical exercise was a great way to boost those endorphins, which I always referred to as my “Dolphins”. I later learned that endorphins block the transmission of pain signals, and would try to reach what is know as the “runners high”. (although it’s something you are more likely to experience after the run). Nevertheless is gives you that positive outlook on life. So when people ask me why I run? I say, I run to feed my Dolphins and get high baby!

Putting miles in the bank

When we run/train in preparation for a marathon we often have a weekly tally of miles we need to cover i.e. in simple terms, putting miles in the bank. I recently posted this phrase on Facebook and someone asked me where is this bank, does it have a good exchange rate? After thinking about this for a short while wanting to come up with some witty reply. It got me thinking to one of the real reasons I run. Basically I am putting these miles in the “memory bank”, at the age of 57 I’m not sure how much longer I can keep this up, hopefully it will be for a long-time yet. When that day arrives I would much rather sit there and reminisce on what its like to run and feel the sun on my back or the wind and rain on my face, than have no memories of how good it feels. So by putting miles in the bank you are actually creating memories for the future, which would you prefer to remember. Would it be the time you sat on your backside watching daytime TV, or the time you pushed yourself to reach that goal of 26.2 miles, or even that 5km run around the park on a sunny day in September, that cold frosty morning in November when the sweat on your hat started to freeze as you ran down a hill. Perhaps another of standing on the A167 in Newcastle with over 40,000 other runners waiting for the start of yet another Great North Run. These are all miles in the bank to remember, so if you haven’t done any today, or this week, month or year, get off your arse and run, or walk, above all get some exercise. #FASTAT50 DO IT FOR YOU!

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