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If ever you need a reason to take up running why not do it for charity?

Many people will get the urge to run or do some form of physical challenge in the name of charity. We are without doubt a nation of givers, you just have to see the amount the great British public raise each year for “Children in Need“.

Nevertheless it’s not always as easy as it looks, getting people to give you money is a difficult undertaking. How many times have you avoided what I call the “TIN RATTLERS“.  They seem to occupy every shopping centre or supermarket, as you wait for that moment to slide past them without making eye contact, or you quickly change direction as you notice one of them making a  bee-line for you. Just rattling a tin in front of someone’s  face just wont work.

Don’t wait for that rabid dog to chase you!

Although running for a charity is going to give you a purpose, and I applaud those that are diagnosed with a terminal illness and go on to achieve great things as a result. My philosophy is why wait for that rabid dog to chase you before you start running, it takes real guts to just get up and do it, without someone beating you with a stick. By all means run for charity, but more importantly run for yourself.

The main objective for FAST@50 is to encourage both men and women who are approaching that Mid-Life Crisis phase in their life to stay active. Or for those that have allowed life to get the better of them and resigned themselves to the couch of armchair supporters, to get out and do something physical. Not just for charity but more importantly for themselves. Don’t look for an excuse, or give up on that New Years resolution you made at the start of the year, feel good about yourself and do it.

Join me on my “Running with you in MIND” campaign and make a difference to your life and someone else’s.

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Mark Mooney I started FAST@50 to help me stay motivated, determined to be FIT AND STILL TRAINING throughout my 50's and beyond.
I originally started out with a primary aim to raise money for charity, but more importantly realised that I was doing this for myself.
Nike quite famously say "JUST DO IT", I say Do it for charity, more importantly "DO IT FOR YOU!"
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If like me you need that gentle reminder to get you out of bed in the morning then this is just one of the motivational reminders you may need. Enjoy the video below, but above all take action.

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