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Motivation requires visualisation

First let me start by saying that just watching video’s is not the answer. Sounds like a contradiction when the majority of this blog post content is made up of video’s doesn’t it? My point is though… don’t just sit here watching these videos, use the video’s as a reminder, a gentle kick up the backside to go out and take action. If you do find that you are faltering then bookmark this page and return to it, if you need that quick injection of inspiration or motivation.

In my opinion motivation requires visualisation, it’s a known fact that if you can visualise yourself doing something then it’s more than likely something you can achieve, the only thing that stops us is the lack of self motivation. The video content on this page may help to re-kindle that spark.

These videos aren’t in any particular order, when I first created this page I revisited some of the motivational video’s I’d watched in the past and no doubt I will be adding new ones to this category.

There is one thing for sure as we get older we tend to look for excuses why we shouldn’t exercise, not only that many of us will suffer from depression and anxiety, it’s common in both men and women, especially as we approach that mid-life crisis period in our lives. Life is fecking hard sometimes, it’s easy to give up and just walk the rest of the way.

Quite possibly the best video you will watch today.

Above all become your own inspiration.
Mark Mooney 2015

Give yourself a deadline

The best way to motivate yourself is to give yourself a deadline, be accountable, start with just one hour per day, don’t give yourself the excuse that you have no time, make the time.

Don’t let life drag you down, use your imagination and go for it.

I Can only Imagine

This was the video I first watched way back in 2009 that first inspired me to get off my backside and do something, like many I was simply blown away when I first watched  this video below, (and still am today). Clips from this documentary film have been reproduced time and time again on Youtube but the lyrics to the song by Mercy Me say it, “I can only imagine”. If you don’t know the story about Rick Hoyt and his son, then please check it out, who knows it may inspire you.

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I originally started out with a primary aim to raise money for charity, but more importantly realised that I was doing this for myself.
Nike quite famously say "JUST DO IT", I say Do it for charity, more importantly "DO IT FOR YOU!"
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Need Motivating?

What is your wake up call?
If like me you need that gentle reminder to get you out of bed in the morning then this is just one of the motivational reminders you may need. Enjoy the video below, but above all take action.

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