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How to get your Mojo Back


I had just got over one injury and then…. I suffered another. It was just a simple ankle sprain, but it meant yet another 3-4 weeks off training, which could be less, (because I never actually take advice). Nevertheless this set-back resulted in me losing my Mojo. I was back to feeling sorry for myself, looking for the biscuits and contemplating whether to put that chocolate in the basket. Yes you guessed it, the chocolate won. It was so, so.. good for a few minutes, then the guilt set in, this made me feel worse. The apathy set in and I just couldn’t be bothered. Although I could no longer run there was nothing to stop me doing some other exercises at the gym or at home come to that. Normally I am quite good at just getting on with it, but for some reason this injury was dragging me down.

What is this MOJO thing anyway?

More importantly how do you get it back. I searched the internet for answers and found that our Mojo is referred to as so many different things. Even sex appeal or talent, I’m not sure if I have lost that yet, I think I still have that somewhere. In African-American culture Mojo is something to do with a magical charm bag used in Voodoo, well that’s according to the mighty Wikipedia, they also list that Libido is sometimes referred to in slang as Mojo or slang for morphine.
Search for your Mojo
On further investigation I found that most people had grouped together “10 ways to get your mojo back“. They all seemed to say the same thing, often referring to the Austin Powers’ movie (never actually seen it), but here is the main Mojo reference in the film.

Some bloggers listed up to 25 ways to get your Mojo back, when in reality there is only one sure-fire way to get it back, and that is….

Stop whining

You do know, you can’t say that to anybody else, only yourself. Never tell anyone to pull themselves together when they are feeling low. Nevertheless if you are lacking Mojo take yourself on a long walk, go somewhere nice, walk to the top of a hill and give yourself a damn good bollocking. Take some sandwiches and a flask of coffee enjoy your own company, look at nature and realise that life isn’t that bad after all.

What I also found useful was to go to a busy shopping centre or supermarket and just watch people go about their business, there’s bound to be someone far worse off than you. If the opportunity comes to help someone, just do it, just holding the door open for someone can make all the difference. Feel good about yourself.

Losing your Mojo is not depression (I’ve had that), but allowing it to fester can result in feeding the “the big black dog“.

So if you have lost your Mojo you can get it back, just start feeling good about yourself, only you can do that. Just because you are over 50 or perhaps you are older, don’t lose that Mojo, that sparkle that keeps you feeling young… that’s my MOJO.

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