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Beetroot It’s Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

But Mum I hate Beetroot

OK I know it’s only day three of my juicing experience, but I found todays recipe hard to stomach. I have never actually liked beetroot and could never eat it as a kid. Nevertheless you could almost guarantee that it would find it’s way on to my plate or hidden in a sandwich, (Corned beef butties), my mum used to make when we where kids. She would insist that it was good for us. So today was the first time I have tried beetroot again for almost 50 years. My wife on the other hand loves beetroot and after reading that beetroot can help lower blood pressure and boost exercise performance, also prevent dementia. We thought let’s give it a whirl.

Some recipes in my book suggested 6 beetroots (you’re having a laugh).
So I tried the one that suggested just one, with a description of: a lighter less beetrooty version of what was known as Beetbox (the one that suggested 6). This is a sweet and fresh juice, and great for energy and cardiovascular health.
Perfect I thought prior to my afternoon gym session.
This was a simple recipe of:
1 Beetroot (washed and trimmed)
2 Carrots
2 Cups spinach
2 Apples (stalks removed)
1/4 Lemon (rind and pith removed)
I also added an extra cup of Kale, because I’d bought half a tonne (ok two big bag’s), which said consume by the 3rd January.

After blending for a few minutes and adding some pure coconut water to thin it out a bit we where ready to go. I poured the mixture into two very large wine glasses, it actually looked quite nice. (looks can be deceiving).

Drinking it was a challenge in itself, it was like one of Ant and Dec’s bush tucker trials as we both watched each other to see who finished first, it recommends in the book that beetroot juice should not be gulped down, I can now see why, it’s fecking awful. It took me well over 30 min to finish mine.

After drinking our cardiovascular health in a glass, we noticed the two carrots sitting on the drainer. It’s a good job beetroot helps prevent dementia.

Enjoy your juice folks, see you again soon.

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