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Running With You in Mind

Running With You in Mind

Having suffered with depression and at times still have frequent blips, it's easy to slip back to those darker times, returning to that …

Do we need Supplements after 50?

Do we need Supplements after 50?

Hey! I'm No Expert When I was in my 20's I was a keen bodybuilder... OK I pushed a few weights. However what I did do was take a number of …

Should I Just Run It Off?

Should I Just Run It Off?

If I developed a niggling injury my old philosophy was to simply just run it off. It was certainly the philosophy of the infantry soldier, …

Creating a Brand

Creating a Brand

Could we make this Global? OK this may sound a little ambitious. Nevertheless I was always told to THINK BIG! So here goes... I …

Let’s Juice it up a bit

Let’s Juice it up a bit

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead A few months ago I was browsing my NETFLIX account and the familiar scrolling banner suggested that if I liked …

Think about this for a moment

Your forty’s are almost over, you catch a glimpse of your reflection in a shop window and see an overweight, overworked, totally stressed version of your former self looking back. Less than 10 years ago when life was about to begin for you as you blew out the candles on that birthday cake and made that wish… You now stop and think back to that moment, as you look at that reflection, with that one thought inside your head “what the F**K happened to me“. All those things you were going to do, and you did nothing. Almost ten years of New Years resolutions have since past, you’re now overweight, depressed and a borderline diabetic. It’s time to do something about it.

It’s time to be FAST @ 50

Brief Outline

Hi my name is Mark Mooney, the good looking one on the right. At the age of 50 I decided I was going to take massive action and do something that was going to change my life forever.

After leaving the army at the age of forty I set out to make my fortune and created what was once a successful business. What I failed to do however, was to look after my body, my years of living a full active lifestyle in the army counted for nothing. I abused my body, by working 24/7 living out of my car, eating fast food, or just grabbing a big breakfast at a networking meeting or getting home late and eating all the wrong food just hours before going to bed. Then waking up and doing the whole thing over again. I worked hard on my business, but not on myself, chasing a goal regardless of the consequences.
So what changed for me….
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Time to wake up!


I don’t want to get on my soap box here, but come on! time is ticking. It’s never to late to start something new, but if you never make a start you never will.

I must admit there have been times when I just can’t be bothered, this physical stuff is hard sometimes and its easy to lose that motivation (that mojo), and use your age as an excuse. Simple answer DON’T!
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Goal Setting – The Key to Success

Six Pack at 60 It goes without saying that setting a goal is a fundamental process to achieving any objective. One of my personal goals is to have a six-pack at 60. Yes you guessed it… that’s not me in the picture, not yet!

Nevertheless it does give me something to aim for, something I know is achievable, with some hard work and dedication. Let’s see what happens eh… I will be documenting my progress, watch this space…

Brief Bio

Mark Mooney I started FAST@50 to help me stay motivated, determined to be FIT AND STILL TRAINING throughout my 50's and beyond.
I originally started out with a primary aim to raise money for charity, but more importantly realised that I was doing this for myself.
Nike quite famously say "JUST DO IT", I say Do it for charity, more importantly "DO IT FOR YOU!"
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Need Motivating?

What is your wake up call?
If like me you need that gentle reminder to get you out of bed in the morning then this is just one of the motivational reminders you may need. Enjoy the video below, but above all take action.

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